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Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program is a collaboration between Carroll Community College and Carroll County Public School System to provide
expanded access for students to earn college credits. By participating in the Dual Enrollment program, students and families
acknowledge that certain conditions may apply, including, but not limited to, applicable tuition and fee charges, FERPA agreement, and
differences in accommodations for students receiving special education services. Some courses may require prerequisites. A student is
required to receive pre-approval from their high school counselor and principal to receive CCPS credit for a course taken on CCC’s
campus. Students and families are encouraged to work closely with their school counselor and the CCC admissions counselor to
determine what Dual Enrollment opportunities are a good fit for the student.
11th - 12th Grade Students - If a student would like to enroll in a dual enrollment program at a local college during their junior or senior
year, they must meet the following requirements.
1. 3.0 unweighted GPA for college level math course(s) at Carroll County Public School (CCPS) locations.
2. 2.5 GPA unweighted GPA for English 101, History 110 at CCPS locations.
3. 3.0 unweighted GPA required for ALL courses on college campus.
4. 94% homeschool attendance the previous quarter of enrollment.
Note: There must be an identified plan to meet remaining graduation requirements including completion of service-learning hours and
graduation assessment requirements. Four credits must be earned after the completion of grade 11.
9th - 10th Grade Students - Admission for ninth to tenth grade students will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students will have
an opportunity to receive dual credit for their college course. The course will be included on their transcript. An earned grade will be
calculated into the high school students GPA.
Per Carroll Community College (CCC):
1. A ninth and tenth grade student’s GPA cannot be used for dual enrollment course placement.
2. Early college/GT (ninth, tenth grade, and younger) must have a recommendation from a school counselor or teacher and
principal plus placement into ENGL-101 is required; and only if applicable, placement into college level math per the CCC
mathematics department’s placement measures.
Dual Enrollment Request/Application Process - Students must seek permission for dual enrollment prior to the beginning of the
semester for which the request is being made. Students must make an appointment with their school counselor and have a
parent/guardian conference to review the educational plan and obtain appropriate paperwork. Note that a student can attend a virtual
dual advising session hosted by CCC to complete this step.
Dual Enrollment and Graduation Requirements
Dual enrollment courses at Carroll Community College have been reviewed and several courses have been approved to meet a
graduation requirement in the core content areas. To learn more about the courses that can meet a graduation requirement at CCC,
communicate with your school counselor.
Note: An 11th and 12th grade student can request a CCC dual enrollment course to fulfill a graduation requirement. 9th and 10th grade
students can only take dual enrollment for elective credits at this time.
*In addition, dual enrollment courses at post-secondary institutions other than CCC have not been approved to meet a CCPS graduation
See your school counselor for more information surrounding the dual enrollment application process. It is highly recommended that
you also meet with a CCC admissions counselor to discuss dual enrollment.