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Service Learning

**NEW:    CCPS Service Learning Site

Service Learning Coordinator: Matt Schwarzenberg

Directions for viewing your Service Learning Hours in Home Access:                                     

  • Log into Home Access.
  • Go  to Grades
  • Select Test Scores.
  • Scroll to the bottom to find all approved Service Learning Hours.
  • You will then need to add them up as it does not total them.
  • A total does appear on Report Cards.


*Please use the online form below & include contact information for the supervising adult (cannot be a parent).  Do NOT email hardcopies of forms. 

*As always, forms must be submitted within 12 months of the end of service.

*It is still strongly recommended that students serve through advocacy and indirect service and to only serve directly if it follows the Governor’s orders and the CCPS Guidelines. There may be a pre-planning requirement (planning time counts for total SL time).

*Please be aware that activities such as, yardwork, babysitting and helping younger students with virtual learning for neighbors or family, do not qualify as MSDE service learning.  Assisting individuals (non-family) must be sponsored by a non-profit organization such as SGA, National Honor Society, school club, Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church group, etc.

Fill out your Service Learning Forms online!  

Go to  You will need the supervising adult's email/phone number for verification and final approval.  

Students need to be sure to enter the correct AD Username and school when submitting Service Learning Forms online.  The AD Username is 3 letters followed by 4 numbers and is used to log onto school computers.   If you submitted forms online over the summer, please go back and check that you entered the proper AD Username, as the form cannot be verified and approved without it.